Woman's grandpa looked a lot like Texans' JJ Watt

LIVINGSTON, Texas -- Is JJ Watt a time traveler?

If you didn't know the story of Earl Holbert, you might think so based on a photo that appeared on Facebook this weekend.

Nina Holbert just wanted to honor her grandfather on Veterans Day, but when the Livingston woman posted a treasured photo of the WWII paratrooper, her friends couldn't help but comment.

"An old high school friend said, 'OMG, he looks like JJ [Watt] and several people after that said the same," Nina said. "My son Keagan said the same thing."

Earl grew up in West Virginia and was an avid fisherman, Nina said. His favorite watering hole was a little, peaceful place in Onalaska, Texas, in fact.

"He was a man that was very proud to serve his country and was very private about it. He was a hard working and fair man that would help anyone," Nina said. "He loved his children and grandchildren with all his heart. He loved to travel. He worked in his yard up until the day he passed away, he loved hanging beautiful flowers in the yard."

Is it any surprise JJ's doppelganger would be so heroic?
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