Newly Elected San Francisco Supervisor is disappointed that City Hall hasn't done more to help furloughed federal workers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The federal government has now been shut down for 31 days. It's the longest shutdown in U.S. government history and negotiations have been stalled for weeks.

Now, a San Francisco supervisor says other California cities are helping furloughed federal employees and is disappointed that City Hall hasn't done more to help the workers in San Francisco, struggling without a paycheck.

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"I'm lucky I live in a rent control place, but still I could use a little bit of help. We don't know how long this is going to go on," said Karolyn Harrington, who works for the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco and lives in the Sunset District.

Because of the government shutdown, Harrington hasn't been to work since Christmas Eve and hasn't received a paycheck in weeks.

"I'm okay for this month, but then what about the next month? What about my groceries," asked Harrington, who added, "I don't think I have that cushion and I don't think many of us do here, so we could use the help of the City."

Newly elected District 6 Supervisor, Matt Haney, says City Hall has not done enough to help furloughed workers in San Francisco.

"I'm disappointed that we haven't done something already. It's been a month. I think that we should have stepped forward and provided some support to these workers."

Haney says he will be introducing a resolution Tuesday, calling on the City to provide more assistance to affected workers, including:
  • Free public transportation

  • Deferred payments on city services like utilities and health care

  • Emergency loan and housing assistance

  • Food assistance

  • Short term work placements.

"I think it's something the City could step forward and provide support with right now," said Haney.

Jeff Cretan, a spokesman for Mayor London Breed's office, says their office has been working to find solutions to support local federal employees and are also devising a strategy to deal with potential consequences of an even longer government shutdown.

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BART Board president, Bevan Dufty spoke with Supervisor Haney Monday evening and learned that Kansas City is offering federal employees free rides during the government shutdown. Dufty says he asked his staff to reach out and talk with the Kansas City system and others that have stepped up to help.

An SFMTA spokesperson says at this time they do not have free or discounted rides for federal employees and does not know if it is being discussed as an option.

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