Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf sworn in for second term, says community safety still priority

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Community safety continues to be a priority for Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, a promise she made again Monday as she began her second term in office.

Just last week, Oakland was publicizing its 2018 murder rate as the lowest since 1999. But so far, 2019 has been an eye-opener, with five murders including a triple homicide last Friday. Families and their advocates came to City Hall.

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"The violence in Oakland right now should be a number one priority. We are in a state of emergency. These families behind me have lost our children," said Daryle Allums who spoke on behalf of family members.

It was not how Mayor Schaaf wanted to start her second term in office.

"I am clear that there is nothing to celebrate as long as a single life is taken or harmed. We have much more work to do," the mayor told a packed room at her swearing-in ceremony.

Monday Mayor Schaaf promised community safety would continue to be her first priority. Among her long-term plans to reduce crime include creating more preschools and working with the board of education to improve Oakland schools.

Ensuring more affordable and equitable housing for all is the mayor's second goal. In the past few years, Oakland has seen a building boom, but the gap between rich and poor has widened.

Other city council members inaugurated Monday are also making housing a priority.

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Mayor Schaaf will be working with a diverse group of council members, including the first Filipina to serve and that's not all.

"The first Hmong American woman to be elected to city council in the state of California," that's how Sheng Thao of District four introduced herself as she too was sworn in as a council member.

Mayor Schaaf, who was targeted last year by President Trump over ICE raids in Oakland, warned the President that her city would resist any attempt to disrupt the immigration community here.
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