Sassy senior behind San Mateo's legendary Ah Sam Florist busy on Valentine's Day eve

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- A sassy senior citizen isn't slowing down anytime soon when it comes to making sure Valentine's Day goes off without a hitch at her family's legendary flower shop.

Mayme Leong has been working at her family's shop for more than 50 years and still comes in on special days like Thursday to fulfill all the orders.

"Pink is fine, come on Stacy!" she says asking one of her 4 kids for some purple filler flowers to complete a basket arrangement. To her kids, mom isn't bossy to be exact but they say she has no filter.

"You can tell she says what's on her mind which is always good for a laugh!" says Scott Leong.

The 3rd generation family-owned shop has been operating since 1933 and is now run by her four kids, Scott, Steve, Shawn and Stacey and a team of loyal employees.

"You know, my grandchildren don't want to work here." Mayme laments. When asked if this makes her sad she pauses and says with plenty of spunk, "Well, I think they're happy doing what they're doing. And they are making more money!" says Mayme as she burst into laughter.

Over the years this shop has serviced celebrities like Oprah and Shirley Temple to regulars who are treated like family.

"You feel special when you come in as a customer," says one man in a plaid shirt. He continues to say, "It's a tradition for me, they're family and probably more than anything else is the hospitality and service. That makes them special."

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Whatever you do though think twice before asking Mayme's age.

"I don't want to tell you my age because I don't want everyone in San Mateo to know how old I am!" she says as she erupts into laughter.

Her ultimate Valentine's Day gift...besides flowers?

"I like diamonds! I don't know if my kids can afford to give me a diamond, I have to buy my own diamonds!" she smiles.

Here's a little advice for the young-ins when it comes to love.

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"It's a special day and you know...they have to treat one another very, very nice and be faithful to one another."

When asked one last time after countless attempts to get her age she gives us this much.

"I'm over 90!" she smiles.

Mayme has no plans to retire anytime soon. She says she goes to the gym three times a week and her next goal is to start driving again!
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