SoCal city council candidate caught dropping off mom to panhandle

IRVINE, Calif. -- Residents of the city of Irvine are upset after finding out that a candidate for city council has been caught dropping off his elderly mom to panhandle.

People in the tourist hotspot wonder how Irvine City Council candidate Dave Chey has the nerve to drive his 86-year-old mother to their town several nights a week to collect stranger's money. They see her on busy Forest Avenue in a wheelchair with a sign asking for help.

"City council-- you need be compassionate, understanding, follow the law and you look at this scenario going on for 10 to 12 years he is doing that-- I don't think so," said Heidi Miller, she has been in business in Laguna for nearly 40 years.

Miller says she is so tired of Soon Chey's panhandling-she made her own sign that she puts next to her. Miller says she's seen Chey being dropped off by her son in a brand new car and is questioning if any of the money is being used to fund Dave Chey's campaign.

Chey was contacted for comment but did not respond.

Political consultant Tim Lineberger works with candidates in Orange County where homelessness is a big issue this election. He says it's hard to know how Chey's mother's panhandling affect her son's run for office.