San Francisco 49ers offer to help replenish stolen Washington High football equipment

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Washington High School in Fremont is raising money through a GoFundMe account after $11,000 worth of football equipment was stolen. The San Francisco 49ers stepped up to the plate and said they'd help replenish the stolen items.

A GoFundMe account is making the rounds on social media. They hope to raise enough money to replace helmet and shoulder pads that were stolen from Washington High school.

The theft happened sometime in July. A school administrator found a trail of equipment leading from the locker room to the parking lot.

"Morale is really important to these kids and to have someone come and take your stuff is really demoralizing," said Washington High School Athletic Director Coulter Rigdon.

The players are used to taking big hits on the field, but nobody expected such a blow by a thief, who took mostly shoulder pads, and brand new helmets that cost $350.

"It appears they dragged what they could, dragged what they could out into the parking lot because they actually left a trail of shoulder pads," Rigdon told ABC7 News.

Fremont City Council Member Raj Salwan started the GoFundMe. He is an alumnus of Washington High School. He hopes they can replace the equipment before the first game, which is August 25th.

"We're getting a lot of shares, but we'd love to get more donations -- 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the program," said Salwan.

The head coach of a rival school showed up in a show of good sportsmanship Friday.

"Being a third generation Husky, I thought it was part of my duty to come and offer support for the football program in any way, shape, or form that we can," said Ecinal Head Coach Ricky Rodriguez.

Rigdon says they do have just enough equipment for the team to suit up, but if more students join -- they might be in trouble.

Fremont police have no witnesses

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fremont Police Department at 510-790-6800 x 3.
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