Oakland A's, SF Giants, and Meatball Paul | With Authority

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Larry and Casey dissect both the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants rosters ahead of Opening Day.

The result: A stomach-churning Giants vs. A's meatball bet that may make Joey Chestnut queasy. Also, find out how Larry and Casey's last bet ended with Larry in the Emergency Room.

Say, do you like free money? We'll tell you how to get some of that.

Why Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi may be a fan of Storage Wars. And the key aspect of CEO Larry Baer's suspension that most people have overlooked.

Plus: Teslas, Mario Kart, Jack on the Rocks, and the debut of Meatball Paul! Hiiiiiiiiii Laaaaaaar-eeeeeeeee....

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 5 - Recorded March 26, 2019

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