'I have no concern about climbing on a 737 max, or putting my family on it', says aviation analyst

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We are seeing countries like the U.K. ground the type of plane involved in the crash in Ethiopia.

Scrutiny and concern has grown over the Boeing 737 Max 8. On Midday Live, we talked with ABC aviation analyst John Nance about what travelers are supposed to do.

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He tells us that he would put his family on a Boeing 737 Max 8 here in the U.S., but offers a different answer if it's out of the country. You can watch his explanation in the video above.

Nance also talks about why he supports the U.S. in not grounding that type of plane. He's calling this a training issue.

"Are we training people too much to depend on automation?" Nance says.

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He talks about the problem with automation and why it's not the fault of the technology and why this is likely different than the Lion Air crash involving the same type of plane last October.

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