Alabama Department of Education deems 8 gym class games 'inappropriate'

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- In one state, gym class will no longer be quite like the way you remember.

The state of Alabama has moved to ban or discourage certain games, calling them "inappropriate."

The state's Department of Education compiled a list of activities it says are not welcome in physical education classes, including red rover, dodgeball, kickball and even musical chairs.

The thinking here is that those games could lead to hurt feelings, leaving out some kids who lack athleticism or who may be unpopular.

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According to officials, banning them will spare students from rejection, hurt, or embarrassment.

Many parents, though, call it ridiculous.

"That is life. That's going to happen. Learning how to play games with other kids. It's okay to have a winner and loser, it teachers you about life," said one parent.

The state says the discouraged activities relate only to phys ed classes, not to recess time.

Further, it says, the list was adopted two years ago, but parents are only now being told about it.
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