California earthquake: Video shows cars, road signs tremble from Denny's parking lot in Ridgecrest

RIDGECREST, California -- Video captured road signs trembling and parked cars rocking at a Ridgecrest Denny's during the powerful 7.1 earthquake that shook Southern California Friday.

The video, taken by crews working for Univision's Fresno affiliate station, shows the Denny's road sign shaking as its lights flicker on and off. A loud rumbling noise is audible.

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The camera pans to show a street light bouncing up and down and a parked car rocking side to side. Power inside the restaurant appears to shut down for a moment, and hanging lights swing from side to side.

The quake, centered 11 miles from Ridgecrest area, struck at 8:19 p.m., just one day after a magnitude 6.4 hit the same general area.

Friday's temblor is the largest Southern California quake in at least 20 years and was followed by a series of large and small aftershocks, including a handful above magnitude 5.0.

The area in and around Ridgecrest, already trying to recover from the previous temblor, took the brunt of the damage.

Experts said there is about a 1-in-10 chance that another 7.0 quake could hit within the next week.
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