Violent robbery in San Francisco's Bernal Heights caught on camera

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It was just another fun Saturday night out on the town for a San Francisco resident, his partner and their friend until they got back to his home in the city's Bernal Heights early in the morning. Then things suddenly changed and the three became the victims of an armed robbery.

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San Francisco police say the clarity of video and audio that captured an armed robbery in the city's Bernal Heights neighborhood is so good that they hope to identify and arrest the robber quickly. Here's an exclusive look at the entire violent episode captured on the victim's home surveillance camera.

They did not want their names used for safety reasons. For this story, we're calling the main character Derrick.

The whole violent episode was captured on Derrick's home security camera. Not only the video, but also the audio of the mugging.

The clarity of the video and audio is so good, Captain Jack Hart with the Ingleside Police Station hopes they'll be able to identify and arrest the robber quickly.

Derrick told ABC7 News it was around 1:30 a.m. Sunday when the three got out of a Lyft ride in front of his apartment.

The robber was apparently sitting with an accomplice in their car, which Derrick told police was a dark SUV.

He quickly approached the three as they said their goodbyes.

"Get up against the wall, get up against the wall here," the robber yelled. "Don't turn around. If you turn around, I'll shoot you in the leg."

The three complied.

"Take out your wallet. Take off your ring," the robber shouted as he pushed his victims to the ground.

You can hear one of the women say, "I'm taking it off."

Then he yells in quick succession, "You give me your purse, give me your ring or I'll shoot you in the leg."

Derrick told ABC7 News, hearing his assailant say, "I'll shoot you in the leg," was somewhat of a relief because that meant he wouldn't kill them.

On the other hand, Derrick added, "It also meant probably that he would actually shoot us in the leg."

After handing the robber their valuables, he fled into the waiting getaway car.

Hart has circulated the video in an all points bulletin to other San Francisco police stations and law enforcement agencies in the hopes someone will be able to identify the suspect.

The captain adds that because of videos like the one from this weekend, it makes it easier for police to solve crimes.

He encouraged more residents and businesses to install security cameras, which have become more affordable.
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