Bay Area braces for bigger storm on Wednesday

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- On Tuesday, the Bay Area is seeing the showers before the bigger storm.

Rain is hitting most of the area, causing a few problems on the road.

In downtown San Jose, it was business as usual.

Showers were not enough to keep people inside.

William Henderson didn't need an umbrella as he exercised but many others made sure they had some cover.

"You know rain can't stop everything but California needs some rain. It's a gloomy day but it's still beautiful to me," said Henderson.

This is just the beginning.

Wednesday's storm promises to bring high winds and a lot of rain.

Trees and power lines will be at risk.

Power outages are possible.

High profile vehicles will be vulnerable on the road.

Traffic is sure to be a mess.

Even with Tuesday's lighter rain, the CHP was very busy with crashes all across the Bay Area.

The National Weather Service warns rivers and streams could see significant and rapid rises Wednesday night.

Flooding would be most likely in the more typically flood prone low-lying areas.

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