Working from home: Helpful tips for better posture

ByJanel Andronico
Saturday, May 16, 2020
Follow these helpful posture tips
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Research suggests that correct posture has a positive impact on our cognitive ability.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Did you know in just 10 seconds you can sit straighter and feel better?

Posture expert, Jean Couch shows us how to improve our posture while working from home. Jean was the first nationally-known yoga teacher in the United States, and she has spent 30 years teaching posture techniques to companies like Google, Stanford and Kaiser Permanente.

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She's also the official posture expert for Brightday, a company helping people get real-time tips on posture while working from home. So, after you learn tips from Jean, you can download Brightday's software for free during COVID-19 to maintain correct posture throughout the day.

"So there's been a lot of research out to suggest that posture isn't just about back pain, it actually helps the way we feel, the way we think the way we act. So there's been research out that shows that if participants maintain upright positions during a stress test, there's more enthusiasm, strong, we feel stronger and less nervous," explains Richard Gray, CEO of Brightday.

Helping productivity is just one of the benefits of posture, it's also about maintaining your overall health.

"It's important because our spine feeds our brains. That's actually where we get stimulation for our brains is through our spine," says Gray.

Click the video above to learn tips for better posture.