FROM THE ARCHIVE: Early days of AIDS crisis in San Francisco in 1982

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
San Francisco AIDS crisis: Dec. 10, 1982
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On this World AIDS Day, we take a look back at the growing AIDS crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In the early 1980s, a mysterious disease began taking the lives of individuals, at first, mostly men who engaged in homosexual activity. Doctors noticed Kaposi's sarcoma and Pneumocystis pneumonia in mostly gay men, not just in San Francisco, but also major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Medical experts eventually called it Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS which is caused by HIV.

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At the time, doctors later found out heterosexual individuals can also get HIV and AIDS not just through unprotected sex, but also through drugs.

Millions of people have passed away from AIDS.

While there is still no cure for HIV and AIDS, there have been advances to help individuals live longer lives with the disease.

On this World AIDS Day, which was first founded on December 1, 1988, we take a look back at the growing AIDS crisis and understanding of the disease in San Francisco.

Retired ABC7 Medical Anchor, Dr. Dean Edell, reported on countless stories on the AIDS health crisis over the years until his retirement from KGO-TV in 2007.

In this edition of "From The Archive," we take a look back at the early days of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco on December 10, 1982.