Discovery Bay man says timeshare points mysteriously disappeared

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Have you ever gone to a timeshare presentation? One man did and was happy he did it. It's what happened shortly after that caused him concern.

Stuart and Arlene Arnott of Discovery Bay enjoyed a stay at this Wyndham Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. Their trip to the Atlantic coast included a cruise to the Bahamas. In between all that, they attended a timeshare presentation.

Stuart negotiated to get VIP status along with 1.2 million points.

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"You could do a lot of vacations with that," said Stuart Arnott.

Stuart wanted to go to the land of Elvis and all that Nashville has to offer. He planned to cash in some of those points, but when he checked his account he saw something unusual.

"I was surprised and dismayed to find out I had no points," he said.

Stuart's statement showed over a two month period, his points were depleted.

"So I called up customer service and said I didn't do that. They said there's nothing we can do. They're transferred out and you're out of luck."

Stuart discovered his points had been transferred to RCI-- which allows timeshare owners to trade their points for stays at other resorts.

Stuart feels RCI points carry less value than Wyndham and asked for them to be put back-- Wyndham refused. He also discovered his email had been changed to one he didn't recognize.

Wyndham began an investigation.

"They finally called me up and said, 'well, since we don't keep detailed records of transactions, we can't tell whether it's you or not that transferred those-- so there's nothing we can do.'"

Stuart said Wyndham insisted his points would have to stay with RCI. He described himself as both sad and angry.

"I would never have transferred all my points, and by the way, the email you had on my account was a different person, so obviously it was hacked. But they said no. That they couldn't do anything."

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That's when he contacted 7 On Your Side and we contacted Wyndham. He said in 24 hours, all 1.2 million points were back in his Wyndham account.

"I think I'm very happy and very lucky that I called you."

We contacted Wyndham for comment several times, but it did not get back to us.

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