Healthy and fun fruit snacks


Kooky Cookie Cutter Shapes

DULCINEA Extra Sweet Tuscan Style Cantaloupe or DULCINEA PureHeart Seedless Watermelon

Using fun cookie cutter shapes - hearts, letters, dinosaurs, anything creative you can find! - let your kids make their own creative snacks. Cut a section of fruit for them and hand over the cookie cutters. Place Popsicle sticks in the bottom of the cut-out, so they can be easily eaten. They will fill up on nutritious Dulcinea PureHeart Watermelon and Tuscan Style Cantaloupe and have fun in the process!

Mini Watermelon Boat
Cut DULCINEA PUREHEART Seedless Watermelon in half. Cut edge of melon in saw-tooth design with sharp knife. Scoop out center with melon ball scoop, leaving about a half-inch of watermelon fruit intact inside. Fill the watermelon half with all the prepared melon balls. Decorate with a mint. Wrap in plastic wrap or foil. Chill.
Start by slicing open a raw watermelon and scooping out a few melon balls. Swap out with finished Mini Watermelon Boat, add the melon balls already used and garnish with mint.

Dulcinea PureHeart Stix & Dipping Sauce

1 DULCINEA PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelon

Wash watermelon and cut in half equilaterally. Place flesh side down on cutting board. Cut ¾" slices across melon; turn cutting board 90 degrees and cut ¾" slices across melon again creating ¾" x ¾" 'dipping stixs', leaving the rind on. Discard outer row on each side. NOTE: If you have a Nemco Lettuce Cutter, it works great for making watermelon sticks.


Raspberry Yogurt Dip
1/4 cup Fresh raspberries
1 cup Plain yogurt

Preparation: Puree raspberries and mix with yogurt. Add sugar if desired.

Marvelous Melon Faces

DULCINEA Extra Sweet Tuscan Style Cantaloupe or DULCINEA PureHeart Seedless Watermelon

Variety of fruits and vegetables:


Lemon and lime slices

Cucumber shapes
Fruit roll-ups

Carrot Sticks

Green beans

Create platforms for the melons using small bowls or cups that allow your melon character to sit upright.

Select colorful fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, carrots, green beans, cranberries, etc. Create wacky facial features and wild hair with the fruits and vegetables.

Feature your characters as centerpieces or party decorations.

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