Matching perfume scents with women

Audrey Mansfield found out more about the world of custom perfumes by visiting Ajne.

About Ajne:
Prêt-à-Porter fragrances feature a consummate collection of extravagant scents that appeal to both men and women. Indulge in rare formulations of skin and body care that are customized to your own unique body chemistry. All products exhibit the fragrant and therapeutic values of rare and precious essential oils. Only the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients from around the world are used.
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Ajne location:
The corner of Ocean and Dolores
(across the street from Paloosh)
Carmel, CA
831.624.2100 x200

Perfumes and personalities featured:

CALME PARFUM: is for your Earthy, Grounded individual seeking to get closer to nature, loves to do yoga, mountain bike, hike, etc...

DESIR PARFUM AND PASSION PARFUM: are for your individual seeking to have more fun, find a mate, wants to feel sexy and attractive, etc...

ESPOIR PARFUM: is for the somewhat stressed out individual who is seeking to feel more confident, courageous and at peace with themselves, etc...

PRINTEMPS PARFUM AND NOUVEL AMOUR PARFUM: are for the individual who is seeking love and deep meaningful relationships, a desire to let go of past hurts, grief and wounds

DE LAVANDE: is for the people pleaser who puts everyone else first before them, the individual that wants to speak their truth and communicate honestly and openly

SAVOIR AND PSYCHE PARFUM: is designed for the type A, often workaholic, perfectionist personality, both are designed to free and focus the busy mind

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