Easy exercises for toning arms

Arm Moves

  • Double bicep curl with foot reach
  • Forward lunge with Tricep overhead ext
  • Shoulder compound movement

Hydration Tips

  • Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day. Even more if you are very active
  • Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water. By the time you are thirsty you have probably lost about 2 cups of water composition.
  • Don't substitute drinks with alcohol or caffeine. They both act as diuretic actually making you go to the restroom more, making you lose more water
  • For a workout of about one and half hours you should drink about 16oz of water 1 to 2 hours before you workout. And drink about 5 oz every 10 minutes during your workout
  • Don't drink soda because most contain sugar and sugar aren't absorbed well during exercise
  • Sports drink are great if you are exercising for 60 minutes or more because they can replace electrolytes and add carbs for energy

Kids and Dehydration

  • Kids are more prone to dehydration because they are less effective at perspiring and their bodies produce more heat during exercising
  • American College of Sports Medicine suggests 8 to 16 gulps (4-8 oz) before activities, 8 gulps (4oz) every 15 minutes during activities and 32 gulps (16oz) after activities
  • If your kid prefers fruit juice dilute it with up 50% water
  • Other hydrating alternatives include frozen ice pops that you can make with your kids using 100% fruit juice and water, shaved ice with fruit juice poured over it and some juicy fruits like watermelon, peaches and grapes
  • If you send your kids to summer camp make sure you inquiry about their hydration policy

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