Hells Angels confrontation leads to arrests


At about 3:15 p.m., police received a call from a man who said that he had been knocked off his motorcycle by a biker and was surrounded by Hells Angels bikers at the 76 gas station at 4700 First St.

When officers arrived, they found the man who had called police. He told them he had been riding his bike on Interstate Highway 580 and was preparing to exit at First Street when one of the Hells Angels members pulled up beside him.

According to police, the Hells Angel member demanded that the other rider let the group exit in front on him. The rider then allegedly cut off the man and bumped his bike, causing him to fall.

Police said a confrontation between the victim and the group led them to the gas station, where the victim ended up surrounded by the members of the group and was being threatened by them.

Officers detained 12 of the bikers who were all wearing the Hells Angels insignia and during a search found four handguns leading to three arrests. Michael Fenton, 30, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Joel Silva, 27, and Jeronimo Jaco, 30, are charged with illegal possession of a handgun. All three men are Sonoma County residents.

The victim was not affiliated with the Hells Angels, nor was he wearing anything that would indicate that he was. He sustained a minor injury to the knee and did not require emergency medical attention.

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