Muni tests TransLink regional fare card


This is all about trying to make the commute a little easier. Muni is launching the first test of what it calls the TransLink regional fare card.

The goal is to essentially one day allow people to travel on two dozen different transit agencies with just one card; people could go on buses, trains and cable cars.

But getting TransLink off the ground has not been easy. They admit there are problems. They suffered with delays, software and coordination problems. Monday marks the big test on Muni, some 1,000 Muni workers will use the card. If the experience goes well, TransLink says it will boost the number of people testing out the system to keep the test going through next year. Some commuters say it's long overdue.

"I just take Muni - so for me, it's easy. If I didn't have to buy a BART card every time I needed to go on BART, that would be great," said Manisha Kendall, rides Muni.

The costs haven't been set yet, nor is there a projected date when passengers could officially use the card.

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