Oakland patrolled by outside departments

March 27, 2009 7:08:44 PM PDT
The entire Oakland Police Department closed down for a day so its officers could attend the funeral service. That was only possible because police from other agencies patrolled the city. SIGN-UP: Get breaking news sent to you

About 100 deputies and out-of-town officers took to the place of Oakland police.

The day started with a thank you from Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan at the morning briefing.

Patrolling Oakland's streets today were Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies, CHP and officers from 13 police departments in the East Bay.

A montage of different squad cars were parked outside the police department. The command post was ready and so was the SWAT team. Everyone wanted to pitch in.

Sgt. Ray Kelly and Deputy Kevin Lewis are detectives from the Sheriff's Office. They were both glad they could help their police family.

"We're just happy to be here to take a little burden off them today so that they can grieve," said Sgt. Kelly.

Kelly and Lewis knew three of the officers who were killed. ABC7 rode with them as they responded to calls.

Sometimes, they used their GPS, and there was always the trusty map.

"In the last 10 minutes, we've had at least three armed robberies," said Sgt. Kelly.

The stops included a reckless driving violation and a car traveling on the wrong side of the street.

Deputies and officers from multiple police departments responded to a home invasion. The victim was alright, but the gunmen were gone.

Police had better luck across town. They arrested two suspected carjackers. They also got the stolen truck.

We drove by the Oracle Arena when the funeral service was about to start. A dispatcher interrupted all calls to ask for a moment of silence.

Oakland Officers on the nightshift duty began to report to work at 6:00 p.m., and they relieved the CHP and out-of-town police officers. It was also a quiet day in Oakland.


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