Port of Oakland ships giant cranes to Boston


The Port of Oakland no longer needs the "low-profile" cranes, which were used when the Alameda Naval Air Station was in service to accommodate flight-path safety issues, according to Port authorities.

The Massachusetts Port Authority, also known as Massport, needs low-profile cranes due to the proximity of its container terminal to Boston Logan International Airport. The Port of Oakland and Massport cooperated so that the cranes in Oakland could be reused in the east coast facility.

"We are pleased that our low-profile container cranes are going to be put to good use at Massport. This demonstrates how the port industry is making conscious decisions for the environment whenever possible," said Port of Oakland Maritime Director James Kwon in a prepared statement.

Each low-profile crane is made of 1,200 tons of steel. They use electrical power to operate so there are no emissions in the port area when they are in use.

The barge taking the month-long, 6,300-mile journey to the Port of Boston is scheduled to leave Monday at 10:30 a.m. or later in the morning.

The low-profile cranes in Oakland were replaced by new cranes in March.

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