Group claims fetuses were found in dumpster


The anti-abortion group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society claims to have found fetuses, medical waste and medical records thrown away in dumpsters during a recent investigation.

One of those discoveries was in Saginaw Township.

Members of the group report their investigation began in February and was turned over to police and the attorney general's office in April.

At a news conference in the state Capitol today, the group unveiled its findings. Pro-life advocate Chris Veneklase says he found 17 fetuses in plastic medical bags that were inside two other garbage bags in a dumpster outside the WomansChoice clinic in Delta Township near Lansing.

He says the bags they were in were labeled with the mother's name and date of her medical procedure.

The group says subsequent searches of a dumpster located outside a sister clinic in Saginaw Township uncovered several medical records.

Both the Saginaw and Eaton County Sheriff's departments also found medical waste and medical records during their own searches.

No criminal charges have been filed yet, but lawmakers are now trying to put an end to the practice of disposing of human fetuses in dumpsters.

"A medical cremation is not only the human thing to do, but it's the proper thing to do to ensure that there is no possibility of no disease spread, any illness caused by this careless, hazardous disposal," Rep. Rick Jones, R-71st District said.

We did try to contact both clinics in Saginaw Township and Delta Township, but no one was available for comment at either location.

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