Bay Area residents recall snow of 1962


Twin Peaks is the city's geographic center at elevation 922 feet, it is San Francisco's second highest point after Mt. Davidson. Around 6 p.m. on Friday, temperatures dipped to 42 degrees and may suspected it might snow again.

Back in 1976 at the intersection of Twin Peaks and Graystone Terrace it looked positively alpine in a San Francisco Chronicle picture.

John Naber sent in a photo to ABC7's uReport from January 1962 of snow covering his Palo Alto home.

On that same day in 1962, San Francisco's Sloat Boulevard also saw a flurry of snow just blocks from the beach. San Francisco native Karen Bianiz says she had never been to the snow and was thrilled.

In San Francisco's Ingleside neighborhood, home movies were shot by then 22-year-old Rich Schanmier on Jewels Avenue. He says it was the first time he'd left his prized 1956 Oldsmobile outside overnight. His eight younger brothers and sisters had a snowball fight. Schanmier says the snow was fun, but no one knew how to drive in it.

"We were out there looking at the car and the street was not terribly sloped but all of a sudden some guy is coming down the street sideways in his car and my friend who lived across the street, and I ran out and pushed it away from my car down the street," said Schanmier.

And snow was also seen in Sunnyvale. Video was taken looking down McKinley Avenue toward Mary. there was about three inches of snow at Ron Bingham's house to the delight of the kids, and the dog.

"It was enough snow to build a snowman and hold a snowball fight. And 'Blackie' my dog who grew up in New York around snow was really excited to see this; he really enjoyed it," said Bingham.

Those who remember the 1962 snow and the subsequent rare event say there really was no comparison to 1962 -- that one fell around dawn and the snow stayed on the ground until around 5 or 6 p.m.

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