Journalist arrested while covering Oakland protest


Cagle said she thought she did everything she was supposed to. She stayed at Frank Ogawa Plaza, but she still ended up in jail. After being cited and released on Thursday afternoon, she now wants answers as to why she was arrested.

"I had my press pass right up around my neck," said Cagle.

Cagle is trying to make sense of Wednesday night. She's a cartoonist who's been covering occupy Oakland for the last three weeks. In fact, she was videotaping as police clashed with protesters last week.

"There was definitely a sense of confusion and panic amongst people," said Cagle.

Protesters felt panicked because Oakland police were clearing the area, after some rogue protesters took over a building on 16th.

"We had obviously changed our tactics from a peaceful right to assemble to something more of a looting and criminal behavior," said Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan.

Cagle thought she was in a safe place.

"The last dispersal order that I heard was for everyone to disperse to the plaza. The plaza was fine," said Cagle.

But it turned out that wasn't the case.

"I gave the order to encircle and arrest those who remained there for obstruction and for also failing to disperse," said Jordan.

"I ran to a little vestibule area with many other people and was immediately told, 'Get on the ground, you're all under arrest,'" said Cagle.

Being a journalist Cagle wasn't really worried.

"I said I was press, I was originally told, 'We'll take care of that in a minute,' and a minute turned into 14 hours at two different jails," said Cagle.

Cagle will have to appear in court next month and her case might get sorted out then. For now, she just wanted to regroup, get some food, and clean up. When asked if she would return to the plaza to once again cover the Occupy Oakland movement, and she said yes because she now feels obligated to this story now more than ever.

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