SF theater company celebrates 10th anniversary


Rehearsals of "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson," remembering the 7th president as a rock star, continue as construction goes on all around. Bill English and Susi Damilano are creating an intimate space with 200 seats -- double what they had for the first 10 years of SF Playhouse on Sutter Street.

"When we started, basically standing in Union Square, he would stand there every day handing out flyers," Damilano said. "And some of our subscribers are still here from those days." It's all because they do shows that have a special connection to the audience, "The way I like to define it is we make traditional theatre edgy and we make edgy theatre accessible," Damilano said.

Here's an insider tip -- the rivets on the set are vanilla wafer cookies. They have also created the Rising Star Program which gives student a chance to learn about plays and see them.

Changing times for a company once called San Francisco's best kept secret, "This is our time to say we're not a secret anymore," Damilano said.

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