Alcatraz to remain closed on Tuesday due to air quality

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Many tourists in San Francisco were met with another disappointing day as cable cars and trips to Alcatraz Island were once again canceled due to bad air quality.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tourists in San Francisco met with another disappointing day. The cable cars were not running, trips to Alcatraz were canceled and all national parks like Muir Woods were closed because of the persistent smoke. Late Monday, Alcatraz cruises announced they were not running any trips to the island on Tuesday.

It's been four days of delivering disappointing news to people coming from all over the world to visit Alcatraz.

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"It's got to be one of the premier attractions for San Francisco, this is the second time they have canceled the tour on us, we booked two days ago, they canceled, refunded us then we bought again for today and they're canceling again and we leave on Friday," said Daniel Melville who was visiting from Jamaica.

This weekend about 7,200 people were not able to get on the island. Instead, they were offered a tour of the Bay. While impressive, the miniature model on the Alcatraz Landing was the only way to see what the island looks like. Steven Pereira of Las Vegas has never been on Alcatraz.

"See the sights, there's the model here but I'd rather see it in person." We asked if he was disappointed, "A little, a little, but I understand why they did it for safety," said Pereira.

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"The concern for the staff and for visitors alike. Their concern is their safety and health and until they begin to see signs of it improving, it will continue to be the case that we're close," explained Antonette Sespene of Alcatraz Cruises.

The cable cars were not running either due to the bad air quality. It was Falyne Hurst's first trip from Vancouver to San Francisco.

"When you're in San Francisco you kinda want to ride on the cable cars, but its alright, it is what it is, said a disappointed Hurst.

Update: Cable cars in San Francisco started up service again on Tuesday morning.