Most of Santa Cruz Mountain area under flood warning

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- The threat of rising water at the San Lorenzo River is nothing new for residents living in Felton, Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek.The river has been surging from storm runoff.

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In Boulder Creek, the river current looks menacing, with the power of an unbridled horse racing to the finish line, or in this case toward its mouth at the Pacific Ocean next to the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

In Felton Grove, at a small enclave of cottages and riverfront homes, residents put up barriers to keep the water from inundating the ground level.

The river has spilt its banks three times this winter.

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"It might be doing this here, and it might be pounding up there, so that's where it really matters. It's all the stuff that's coming down the river," said Ian Gillies, a Felton Grove resident.

"I've got nothing that can get wet this time except for my place. If my place gets wet, I just hose it out, so yeah, I'm prepared," said Gillies.

The super saturated soil in nearby Soquel, couldn't keep a tree firmly rooted. The tree toppled over and blocked Soquel San Jose Road, which has been blocked for a week from earlier storms and damage.

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Stormwater has created some striking sights, like waterfalls cascading down hillsides, flowing past trees and rocks that might soon erode.

But for young people, the rain is a fun pastime.

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