'This is not done': SF Republican Party chairman believes presidential race called too early

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On Saturday, San Francisco Republican Party chairman John Dennis told ABC7 News that he believes Joe Biden's election win was called prematurely, and that President Trump still has a chance of winning the electoral college.

Dennis says he is hoping for vote recounts in several tight races, including the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and parts of Pennsylvania.

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The local party chairman also thinks these election results are likely to go to the court system for arguments.

"This is not done," Dennis emphasized, "no, this is not done, by any stretch of the imagination."

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"If we go through the process and we find that Joe Biden's the winner, then that's it, we just move forward, move on, do the best we can," the chairman said. "I think it's a tragic choice."

Dennis added that if election results ultimately show Biden is the winner, he believes President Trump will concede graciously.

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"I think it's possible it could happen, but I think there's a strong chance the president pulls this out," Dennis said. "But if in fact he gets everything he wants and finds out he lost, I think you'll be surprised for how gracious he is."

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