Sister-in-law shares Blasey Ford's thoughts on Kavanaugh vote advancing

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A final Senate Vote to place Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court will happen Saturday. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sister-in-law, Sarah Ford Mendler, still hopes Kavanaugh will withdraw his nomination.

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Palo Alto professor Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her decades ago, when they were both in high school.

They both testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

On Friday, Blasey Ford's sister-in-law, who also lives in the Bay Area, described watching her sister-in-law, whom she knows as Chrissie, testify that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school.

"We definitely shed some tears watching that," Mendler said.

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As for Kavanaugh's testimony, she said, "It was kind of a jaw dropping experience actually to imagine that that was the behavior of somebody who would be a Supreme Court justice."

She questions the FBI's investigation.

"She wasn't even interviewed, she was expecting to be," Mendler said, referring to Blasey Ford.

Mendler is saddened by President Donald Trump's remarks at a political rally in Mississippi in which he appeared to be imitating Blasey Ford.

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"It was a terrible moment in our country for him to do that," Mendler said. "It was hurtful and it was re-traumatizing."

Mendler says felt if was a bright spot when Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski decided to break party lines by saying she'll vote against Kavanaugh's nomination.

"It was like an emotional life raft," Mendler said.

And there's one more bright spot that she says has reached even her sister-in-law.

"There is this conversation going on around these issues and I think that's some solace for her that there's a deeper conversation happening," she said.

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