Job Hunting with Jobina: California Conservation Corps hiring young adults

The California Conservation Corps, or CCC, is a state-run workforce development program for young adults.

"Young adults 18 to 25-years-old can come into the California Conservation Corps and get skills, hands-on experience, that can lead them to careers," Dana Howard, the recruitment director for the CCC, said.

The CCC is also available to veterans up to 29 years old. The program opens the door to careers in fields like forestry, energy, fire, parks, and even culinary.

"Our motto for 40 years now is hard work, low pay, miserable conditions and more and it's all of that and more," Howard continued. "If you've thought you've had a hard time being able to just get the door open to start that career, that's what the California Conservation Corps does. A year in our program will allow you to meet the minimum qualifications in many entry-level jobs both in state and local government and even in-industry."

Corps members are basically getting paid to train, have health benefits and have the option to live on a CCC campus for $400 a month with 3 meals a day included. You don't have to do the dishes!

"You live in little cottages around the campus and it is fantastic. It's only $400 a month that is taken out of your $1,905 a month stipend. That's part of that low pay we were talking about."

Corps members are also eligible to earn up to $8,000 in scholarships for each year that they're in the CCC, which is about 2 years. If you don't have your high school diploma, Howard told ABC7 News that they'll make sure you get it.

"Don't let that be a deterrent. Even if you are on probation or parole, send in your application and we will work with your probation officer. We will work with your parole officer. We want to make this to be accessible for all Californians.

Join the California Conservation Corps!
For application information, visit or call 800-952-5627.

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