California woman shares hack for getting through EDD's overloaded unemployment helpline

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Friday, August 7, 2020
One woman's tips for getting through EDD's helpline
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The EDD's phone lines are notoriously tangled as thousands of out-of-work Californians try to find out what has become of their benefits. One 7 On Your Side viewer shares her tips for success.

AUBURN, Calif. (KGO) -- What if there is a secret way to get through to the EDD?

And once through, you could get your problem solved?

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7 On Your Side's Michael Finney helped a woman who now wants to help you.

Kelly lives in Auburn. Recently she has been active on my Facebook page advising others -- giving back, she says, because 7 On Your Side helped her so much.

She was among the thousands who joined in on my July EDD Digital "Town Hall." The information she picked up there lead to her first EDD check arriving this past Monday.

"When you did the town hall meeting," Kelly told me, "the people who said they got through were the ones who persistently called and didn't let up."

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So Kelly got persistent, calling hundreds of times a day and noting the difference between the EDD telephone pick ups. She says there are two types. The ones that answer instantly and another with a short delay.

So to make sure I understood, I asked Kelly, "You call and if they immediately go, 'Hello, thank you for calling the EDD', you hang up?"

Kelly: "Yup."

Finney: "If you call and there is a little bit of a delay, and then it says, 'Hello, welcome to the EDD', then you hang around?"

Kelly: "Right and the second one is a different voice."

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She says the second one also offers instructions in Spanish. Kelly says when you hear Spanish, the call could lead you to a live person.

I ask her, "You will get through with the 'delay' or just the chance of getting through?"

"The chance," Kelly says. "I got through 12 times in 600 calls over three days, and 11 of those times I did not get through."

That twelfth call got her in touch with a very nice and well-trained EDD representative who straightened out Kelly's account.

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Kelly says all those hours on the phone helped her figure out a new acronym for the EDD.

"I think EDD stands for 'Every Damn Day,' because that is how often people have to call in," she says.

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