NYPD comes to rescue of tiny kitten stuck in engine in Manhattan

EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan -- New York's Finest took time out of their day to save one of the city's tiniest creatures in a time of need.

Officers with the NYPD Emergency Service Unit were called to the scene of a kitten stuck in an engine on East 10th Street on Wednesday afternoon.

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An employee of nearby salon heard the kitten crying from inside the vehicle. She and some fellow good Samaritans tried to get the kitten out themselves but were not successful.

They decided to call police for help when they weren't sure what else to do.

After responding officers assessed the situation from all angles, they were finally able to rescue the little kitten after 35 minutes -- and were met with a round of applause when he was pulled to safety.

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Now the good Samaritans who called for help are going to keep the kitten and give it forever home.

"One of us is going to take him home, there's no way we can let him go now," Kristen Ciliberti said.

She said they have not decided on a name quite yet, but Gutter or Whistle are possibilities for the lucky kitten.

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