No backlash at San Leandro Nike store after Colin Kaepernick ad released

SAN LEANDRO (KGO) -- Shares in Nike are down after the release of a new ad starring former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Critics of his national anthem protest are making their displeasure known but supporters say Nike's bold move to feature Kaepernick will only deepen their loyalty to the company.

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Customers were waiting outside the San Leandro Nike store Tuesday morning before it even opened to do some shopping and show some support.

Harell Haskins said that when he saw the new ad featuring Kaepernick, he knew he wanted to buy some more Nike gear.

"As soon as I saw that ad, I was very proud because I am a die-hard Niner, so the statement he made and been making finally comes forth and he finally get his justice, that's what I believe," said Haskins.

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The new Nike ad features a picture of Kaepernick and says "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything."

Kaepernick created controversy when he took a knee during the national anthem two years ago to protest police brutality against African-Americans. He hasn't worked in the NFL in a year.

Oakland resident Paul Fefe was so happy with the ad, he shared it on his Facebook page.

"It fits him perfectly. He sacrificed his whole career for what he believes in. He believes in social equality and social justice and he took a knee for it and he is getting blackballed from the NFL because of it," said Fefe.

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There is a Nike boycott hashtag on social media as critics of the ad call for people to stop buying Nike products. Some analysts say these type of controversies usually blow over pretty quickly for retailers.

Customers like Haskins are very proud.

"It's about time he is being appreciated for something he did. I loved it," he said.

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