Bay Area mosques hold services with extra security as Bay Area Muslims react to New Zealand terror attack

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- So many people showed up for Friday prayers at the Islamic Center of Fremont, that dozens had to pray outside under the watchful eye of a private security guard.

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Fremont Police spokesperson Geneva Bosques told ABC7 News that patrols have been stepped up near several of the city's mosques, particularly around prayer times.

"There's a lot more security as you can see here," said Imam Shadman Ahmed, who told us he spent the last several hours fielding text and calls from concerned congregants, ever since the terror attack at two mosques in New Zealand.

"Even just from last night to today right now at 1 o'clock," explained Ahmed, "the amount of text messages that I have received that fellow imams have received, just the fact the people are afraid to bring in their kids."

One man told us he made it a point of attending prayers today precisely because of what happened in New Zealand.

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"I come regularly, but today, I pray for God to let the peace go everywhere," said Maher Eldesouky.

Alameda County has a sizable Muslim community, one that grows closer in times like these.

"Very tragic situation, innocent people," said Franco Samad, "And I understand people's frustration maybe, but actually they're attacking the wrong people in the wrong places."

"Hatred is going crazy these days," said 15-year-old Fawad Anwar, who attends school at the Islamic Center in Fremont.

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"I mean it's all in God's hands. Whatever happens happens," said Anwar.

When asked if he is afraid for the future. "You can't really do anything about that. It's destiny," he said.
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