Danville student develops new app for national competition

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Congressional App Challenge is an annual competition that engages students in coding and computer science.

Participants submitted videos showing what type of new app they'd create.

Reva Jariwala of Danville was selected in her congressional district-wide field for her "Bright Path" app.

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"There had to be something that gives someone the safest way to get somewhere, rather than always the faster way," Jariwala explained.

Jariwala's app enhances Google Maps by using crime data to provide users a safer option of reaching a destination.

"Sometimes I can't always rely on Google Maps because I don't know if it's going to be a safe street or a non-safe street, or should I go down this path," said Jariwala. "I decided to create the app for me and other teens in mind as well because I know we can really benefit from a resource like this."

"Bright Path" is only a prototype but Jariwala hopes to expand on her concept. She also hopes the nationwide competition encourages more girls to get involved in the tech and science field, given her own experience in computer science class.

"Out of a class of 36 kids, there's only five other girls, so I was pretty surprised," said Jariwala. "I had always heard about the gender gap in technology but I never knew it actually ever existed."

Jariwala's passion is so great she started teaching her own computer science class to 4th graders at Creekside Elementary School in Danville.

"We are very happy with her achievements, whenever she wants to go, we will support her," said Kalyani Jariwala, Reva's mom.

Reva says she already has big plans for her future.

"I'd really like to become a product manager at a tech company and I really like venture capitalism as well, that's really a dream for me," she said.

So Silicon Valley better watch out for this rising star.

All winners selected will be given a $100 voucher to fly to Washington D.C. next summer and present their pitches.

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