Eating like you give a fork with cookbook author Mareya Ibrahim

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Chances are you've probably tried a lot of diets.

Cookbook author Mareya Ibrahim wants you to stop dieting and start enjoying your food!

In her humorously titled book "Eat Like You Give a Fork", Ibrahim offers up recipes and advice on how to get your eating on track.

Ibrahim, also known as the Fit Foodie, says you don't have to cut out any food groups to get and stay healthy.

"We've become so obsessed with what not to eat and what not to do that we've drained the living 'fork' out of food!"

Her core concepts are:

  • Carbs and fat are not only included, they're required.

  • You eat four or five times a day.

  • Enjoy a "last meal," the kind you think of as a cheat, three times a week.

  • Take a look at the above video for more tips.
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