New rules means more eligible for retroactive EDD benefits; others need to return overpayments

ByMichael Finney and Renee Koury KGO logo
Thursday, October 13, 2022
EDD expands unemployment eligibility, demands overpayments returned
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The EDD is trying to pay workers who are newly eligible for benefits - and trying to take money back from those who got benefits they didn't deserve.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The EDD giveth and EDD taketh away. It's trying to get money into the right hands and out of the wrong hands. So, thousands may get a big bonus just before the holidays. Others may get a bill.

The EDD is trying to find about 50,000 more workers who may be entitled to pandemic benefits they never received -- including that $600-per-week bonus given out in 2020.

"The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program was so generous. It had the regular UI benefits plus, of course, the additional for a good amount of time in 2020 -- the additional federal benefit of $600. So, yeah, could be a significant amount," said former EDD director Michael Bernick.

The reason? The U.S. Labor Department has expanded the pool of workers who are eligible for pandemic benefits -- yes, two years later.

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It now includes:

  • Workers who did not return to jobs due to unsafe COVID conditions.
  • School workers whose hours were reduced
  • And employees who were laid off due to COVID but did not qualify for regular benefits.

Those workers will get notices inviting them to apply for benefits retroactively.

But as the EDD tries to give out money to some, it's also trying to get money back from others.

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"It is a weird balancing act in two directions," Bernick said.

The EDD has identified nearly $9 billion dollars paid to claimants who may not have deserved it.

Some of that money likely went to fraudsters, who are already blamed for stealing about $20 billion dollars from the EDD.

But much of it went to workers who may have been paid too much, possibly by mistake. Others simply failed to provide all the required documents to prove they were eligible.

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Thousands of Californians are getting notices asking them to provide the needed paperwork -- or else give the money back.

However, the EDD said it will not require paybacks from those who made honest mistakes -- or in cases of financial hardship.

"People call me and they're worried, oh, has EDD found something out about me? Or is EDD tracking me or so forth? I tell them, no, these are going out to hundreds of thousands of unemployment insurance recipients," Bernick said.

Either way, look at your online EDD account or in your mailbox. You may see an invitation to apply for money, or a warning you might owe money back. If you got one of those, 7 On Your Side can assist you if you need help.

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