Evette's restaurant in Lincoln Park blends Lebanese, Mexican cuisines through Midwestern lens

CHICAGO -- A Chicago restaurant is combining Mexican and Lebanese cuisine through a Midwestern lens.

Evette's, named after co-owner and co-chef Mitchell AbouJamra's grandmother, offers classic American dishes with a twist.

AbouJamra and co-owner and chef Rafael Esparza, who both have culinary backgrounds, collaborated in order to represent comfort food from their childhoods.

"I am first generation. I am the first born here from my family and Mitchell as well for his family. We though it was important to bring our cultures, not just our Mexican Lebanese culture not the generic stuff, but Midwestern stuff. He's from Michigan, I'm from Chicago," said Esparza.

The menu offers a twist on many classics such as their pita nachos and a Kefta-style meatball sub.

Doors are expected to open October 15.