Apple FaceTime glitch lets callers listen through unanswered phones

If you have an Apple device with FaceTime, someone could be secretly listening to you.

Apple is now telling people to disable FaceTime until they fix the glitch.

The bug allows a user to listen in on people they're calling - even if the person doesn't answer the phone.

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The caller can even see through the front-facing camera of the person they are calling.

Once it was discovered, people all over social media began recreating it.
Apple says they will release a fix in a software update later this week. It also disabled Group FaceTime until the update is released.

To disable FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, follow these steps.

Disabling FaceTime on a Mac:
--Open the FaceTime app
--Choose FaceTime in the menu
--Choose "Turn off FaceTime"

Disabling FaceTime on an iPhone or iPad:
--Open Settings
--Scroll down to FaceTime app
--Hit the button, turning green slider to gray

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