Sec. Xavier Becerra in Oakland, aims to get more health coverage to Latino community

Sec. Becerra was in Oakland speaking with patients at La Clinica De La Raza who say their services save lives

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Sec. Becerra in Oakland, aims to get more health coverage to Latinos
The federal government wants to expand health care access in the Latino community.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra continued a nationwide tour Tuesday by stopping in Oakland and speaking with patients at La Clinica De La Raza. He says the Biden Administration is committed to expanding health care access to more people in the Latino community.

"What we can do is show that everyone can have access to the care they need," he said. "Because health care is not a commodity."

Patients at the clinic shared traumatizing stories about their experiences with mental health.

"One time I got a knife and I told my mom I am going to kill you," said one woman, who did not want to be identified. "It was very impactful for me to know that I did that to my own mother, and that happens every year two times a year."

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The woman went on to mention her life changed once she got help from La Clinica De La Raza. She is getting treatment for her mental health. Sec. Becerra wants to help more people like her.

"What we want is for families to understand they should not wait for things to get so bad they have to go to an emergency room," he said.

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Their goal now is to focus on outreach. Sec. Becerra says more people need to be aware of places like the one in Oakland. He is calling on on these clinics to continue their work in helping people get the health care they need.

"There are fabulous centers of health care that are waiting to connect with you and are waiting to help you get back on your feet," he said.

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La Clinica De La Raza is ready for that challenge. CEO Jane Garcia says they are expanding to different locations and plan to bring on staff equipped to handling people's needs.

"We have community workers that do the outreach and connect people to not only services, but if they are eligible for medical or other insurance we help them with that process," she said.

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