San Jose woman caught in deadly Missouri tornado outbreak while running across country

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KGO) -- A San Jose woman running across the country to raise money for challenged athletes found herself in the path of Wednesday's deadly Midwest tornado outbreak.

"Luckily we're all OK," explained Cuevas in an Instagram post. "Just a few miles from us is where most of the devastation happened."

Molly Cuevas was in Jefferson City, Missouri overnight just a few miles from where an EF-3 tornado ripped through the state's capital with wind speeds of at least 160 mph.

Molly and her crew rode out the storm in their RV but didn't have a real sense of how bad things were until she started running Thursday morning.

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"Semi-trucks on their side, windows and roofs just gone," said Cuevas. "People were coming out their closed roads they just had garbage bags of their belongings, whatever they could gather"

In one instagram video, Cuevas runs past an unrecognizable piece of metal, which turns out to be a highway sign bent in half.

She posted several other videos that show smashed cars, massive debris fields, and damaged buildings.

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The National Weather Service says the tornado in Jefferson City sent debris as high as 13,000 feet into the air.

20 people were injured in Jefferson City but no one died, however, three people were killed in Golden City, Missouri.

Meteorologists warn that the tornado danger is likely to continue for several more days.

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Despite that, Cuevas is continuing her cross country journey. She's halfway through a 3-month running journey from Los Angeles to New York City.

"Keeping all them in my thoughts this whole day. It's just been crazy."

You can learn more about Molly's journey here
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