Animals surrendered during Hurricane Harvey arrive in Bay Area

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Fifty-four dogs and 17 cats arrived on a private donated jet Sunday night in the Bay Area. All the animals were evacuated from flooded Texas shelters in Houston and Beaumont and many were surrendered by their owners during or after the hurricane.

Tom and Jerry are 6-week-old terrier puppies that came from Pearland, a severely flooded area just south of Houston. Their owners surrendered the puppies on the day the hurricane hit.

Now Oakland residence Kim Cole says Hurricane Harvey has hit their house. The two little puppies are in their care temporarily until permanent homes can be found.

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Two 9-month-old sisters named Iris and Tulip were surrendered under similar circumstances at a shelter in Beaumont as the floodwaters rose. The frisky hound and husky mix breed dogs are now living with a woman in Mill Valley who says they've been through a lot and she's happy to give them comfort.

Twenty-six dogs landed at the Milo Foundation and Mad Dog Rescue in Richmond. Twenty-two are in foster homes now and four are getting needed medical care. Officials say donations are flowing in as are phone calls.
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"It's heartbreaking. When tragedy strikes, people have to do so many things they don't want to do but they have to in order to survive, basically, including surrendering their dog. You can't stay at a hotel with your animals, you can't stay at your aunt's one room apartment," said Lynne Tingle with the Milo Foundation

She also cautioned that "there should never be blame for people in catastrophes."

Ryan Darfler with Mad Dog Rescue specializes in evacuations. They are trying to fly more dogs out of Texas later this week. They say shelters have been inundated with nursing mothers and their puppies.

Four groups have taken in the rescued animals. If you'd like to help, click on these links: Mad Dog Rescue, Milo Foundation, Muttville, and the SF SPCA.

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