Candidates face opposition on Day 2 of Democratic summer meeting in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Attendees and candidates at the second day of the Democratic National Convention Summer Meeting were met by more than 200 demonstrators making their presence and position on climate change known.

The environmental group Sunrise Movement calling for an official DNC debate surrounding the issue of climate change.

Montana Governor and presidential hopeful Steve Bullock weighed in, saying he would support it.

On the hotel grounds it was a flurry of attendees and candidates, who spent a great amount of time-responding to tweets from the President including one continuing the trade war with China and calling for American companies to find alternative countries to work with.

"He's not King George the Third...although he's acting like Crazy King George the Third. He doesn't get to Tweet out order to American companies. That's not how our democracy works," said Marianna Williamson.

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Just as Representative Seth Moulton announced his withdraw from the race, the president Tweeted blaming the representative from Massachusetts for the Dow being down 573 points.

"I'm glad he thinks I have more influence over Wall Street than he does, and that the Dow is disappointed. I'm now in the race," said Moulton, laughing.

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New York entrepreneur Andrew Yang responded to criticism that with a wide field of candidates, the Democratic party needs to focus on unity.

"The process has already begun. The voting is still months away and we're still heading into a third debate. I'm not at all concerned that there are different visions for the country."

The Summer Meeting continues and wraps up on Saturday.
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