Tensions rise over proposal to ban overnight RV parking on Berkeley streets

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Tensions over the Bay Area's housing crisis are heating up in one East Bay City.

Berkeley City Council members are looking to give final approval to banning overnight RV parking. The council meeting immediately pit RV owners against council members.

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Item 21 was a proposed RV ban from parking overnight. Most have lived on eighth and Harrison for nearly a year. They feel pushed out, frustrated and harassed.

Bob Batara, an RV owner, said, "I got a wife to look after. I gotta live out here, I don't know what I am going to do."

Yesica Prado graduated from Cal last year.

"I am trying to pay back all my debt, credit cards, loans, that's why I live in an RV. To pay back my debt to society."

But not everyone calls the RV Residents good neighbors. James Whiting, manager of the Potters' Studio, said, "We have human feces in our dumpster, we have students threatened, our students feel unsafe going out to their cars at night."

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Oakland's City Council President issued a press release Tuesday demanding county-wide collaboration. Berkeley council members insist there is collaboration, regular talks and ideas are exchanged and the ban would show compassion.

Sophie Hahn, a member of the Berkeley City Council, said, "It would require basic notice of the ordinance, opportunity to move, and an opportunity to cure issues before enforcement."

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