Dramatic video shows Hayward fire threatening homes, now under control

ByTim Johns KGO logo
Friday, May 10, 2024
Dramatic video shows Hayward fire threatening homes
Dramatic video shows a fire threatening homes in Hayward Thursday afternoon.

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- A fire, fueled by fast winds, burned through backyards in a Hayward neighborhood Thursday. It happened on Orchard Ave. and Lucien Way, east of I-880, between 880 and Mission Blvd.

A pillar of black smoke was seen billowing over a wall of flames and threatening nearby homes.

Lucy Niuatoa lives next door. She says she was at home working when she looked out her window and saw what was approaching.

"That's when I ran out. Ran out and got my family out of the house because I thought maybe the tree was going to come down. And once I got everybody out, I went out and started hosing down what I could to help slow down the fire," Niuatoa said.

Fire crews were putting out the remainders of the blaze when ABC7 arrived on scene.

However, we saw several large trees and multiple cars burnt in the area where the fire began.


A spokesperson for the Hayward Fire Department says the cause is still being investigated.

"The tree was what caught on fire first, but also we know there was some possible maintenance on the cars in the last few days so that could have played a factor," said Capt. Don Nicholson.

While this was the main scene fire crews were focused on, it wasn't the only one.

Hayward Fire also told ABC7 embers from the blaze made their way several blocks down, sparking at least one other spot fire.

It's a reminder that as we enter the warmer months, the risk of fires like this is increasing.

"This is kind of a precursor to what could potentially happen. This is kind of a more residential area in midtown Hayward. If this happens up in the hills with more vegetation to burn, that's getting drier and drier," Capt. Nicholson said.

Thursday's incident has left several neighbors in this area understandably shaken.

A few blocks down, we met Deidre Langley.

She showed us video she shot off her cellphone of flames climbing 20 to 30 feet into the sky - a sight Deidre says was terrifying.


"I have a sister in Southern California who lost her house and its entire contents just under a year ago. So it hit really close to home," Langley said.

As for Niuatoa, she says she knows things could have been a lot worse than they were.

And for that, she has this message. "I'm blessed and I'm very thankful to the fire department for getting here on time and putting out the fire."

It's a sentiment shared by many in this neighborhood.

No injuries were reported.

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