Here's look at 7 candidates vying to become San Jose's next mayor

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Here's a look at 7 candidates vying to become SJ's next mayor
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San Jose voters are set to elect their next mayor, including top candidates like Cindy Chavez, Dev Davis, Matt Mahan, and Raul Peralez.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's the eve of election day and ABC7 is hearing from the four front-runners vying to lead the Bay Area's most populous city.

Voters in San Jose are getting ready to elect a new mayor.

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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has termed out of office and waiting in the wings to replace him are seven candidates four of whom currently serve in local government and are considered top candidates.

Starting in alphabetical order, they include Cindy Chavez. Currently, a Santa Clara County supervisor, Chavez has received endorsements from a handful of prominent state politicians.

If elected mayor, she says she's looking to tackle things like homelessness, crime, and affordable housing.

She says one of the biggest things she brings to the table is experience.

"It's important that we not only have people who are experienced, but people have a track record of success," Chavez said. "Because what we're going to be facing now is so much more challenging than what we faced in the past."

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Next up is Dev Davis, who is currently a San Jose City Council member for District 6. Davis worked for 12 years as an education researcher at Stanford University.

She counts former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed as one of her supporters.

She said, if elected, making the city safer and homelessness are top priorities.

"We need to not only double down but triple down our homeless prevention strategies," Davis told ABC7 Monday. "As well as ensuring that we have safety, sanitation and services for all of the shelter and housing options that we provide."

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Canvassing neighborhoods Monday was candidate Matt Mahan, also a city council member for San Jose's 10th district.

Mahan touts a background in business.

He has the endorsement of The Mercury News.

Like the other candidates, crime and homelessness are at the top of his list.

"We've seen an increase in crime, people don't feel safe in their own community, there's been a real lack of accountability on that front," Mahan said. "And on homelessness, while we're working hard to help people, we aren't helping enough people and we need to turn the corner, we've got to be much more pragmatic about investing in addiction treatment, mental health treatment, cost-effective shelter, and bringing people indoors."

The last of the four-front runners is San Jose city council member Raul Peralez, endorsed by four other current San Jose City Council members.

Peralez is a former San Jose police officer and still serves as a reserve officer.

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His top priorities also include affordable housing and homelessness.

"I've seen (homelessness) grow over the last seven-year by literally the 1000s," Peralez said. "We've seen our homeless population grow, we have people suffering and dying out in our streets, and we need to get a handle on that. That'll be priority number one for me."

The three other candidates include James Spence, a retired police sergeant, and students Travis Hill and Marshall Allen Woodmansee. The winning candidate has to get more than half of the vote in Tuesday's primary.

If no one does, the two candidates with the most votes run in November in the general election.

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