Route 91 Vegas shooting survivors turn out for Santa Rosa music festival

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Bay Area residents who survived the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Vegas in October turned out for the Santa Rosa Country Summer Musical Festival Friday night in a show of solidarity.

Kim Schubert and her friends say they are country strong.

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"It was a little iffy after Route 91 but we just decided we needed to continue doing what we were passionate about," said Schubert.

Their passion brought them to the Country Summer Music Festival in Santa Rosa.

Schubert was at Route 91 in Vegas with her now fiance.

"We got actually separated at one point and I was under the bleachers and he started shooting the bleachers and I actually made phone calls and said my goodbyes because I thought for sure I was going to die," said Schubert.

These friends say they've felt some anxiety being here, but being here together is helping.

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"The country music scene is all family," said Schubert's fiance Joel Wahl.

"She stayed tough especially today," said Schubert's son JT Summers.

Jennifer McGrath is wearing the same jeans, still stained, she wore that night.

"It makes me feel like I made it through something really big and I can always make it through things really big," said McGrath.

Schubert and McGrath also got matching tattoos that say, "Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive."

The festival runs through Sunday.

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