Santa Rosa, Sonoma County transition to 'new normal' after North Bay fires

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- With most roadblocks lifted and mandatory evacuation zones cleared, Sonoma County's Sheriff says three weeks since the fires, his deputies have transitioned to the new normal.

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"We sent all the agencies that came to help us home, we released the national guard troops that were here to help us and we have gone back to normal staffing here," said Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano.

The Sheriff estimates approximately 75 to 100 agencies provided mutual aid. Those agencies will now be able to apply for reimbursements
through any available state and federal funding.

In the county, anyone whose home burned down is now able to get back to their lot and sift through debris looking for anything that may have survived the fires.

ABC7 News spotted one city employee driving around taking notes on any street lights damaged that will have to be replaced.

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Anyone impacted by the fires can find information and services at the local assistence center on Mendocino Avenue.

"All these things that normally you'd have to drive all over town for they're able to do right here," said Local Assistance Center Manager
Michael Gossman.

Richard Sharp went to the assistance center for a loan so he can rebuild apartments for his tenants at two locations.

"One of them has been in there 45 years and the other has been in there 6 years so they're like family," said Sharp.

Meantime, the County is down to no missing people. A spokesperson with the Santa Rosa Police Department says officers are still looking for 14 unaccounted-for people reported missing after the fires in the city's jurisdiction who were identified as having been homeless prior to the fires.

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