Homeowners build retaining wall after multiple Sausalito truck accidents

SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Sausalito street reopened after a cement truck flipped on a hillside above a home. The family that lives there is all too familiar.

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"When somebody says you have a giant concrete truck that's fallen into a hole that used to be your garage, you know something pretty serious has happened," said homeowner Don Beers.

Beers learned of the accident from his tenant as he drove home from a holiday road trip. In April a 50,000 pound asphalt truck smashed into their garage in April. "This has been an ongoing situation," he said. "Since the original disaster when a giant asphalt truck slid down the hill into the garage."

The truck was at Beers' home to build a retaining wall, but as the driver unloaded materials from the heavy truck the ground gave way and it flipped. Police blocked the street from traffic. The truck spilled fluid and oil onto the steep hill.

It took two tow trucks and several crews to finally get the truck back up on its wheels. The driver was not injured.

"I'm gonna be glad when 2016 is over," Beers told ABC7 News. "Cause it hasn't been a very good year."
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